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Prep: Every Fact Which You Should Know

How Does Prep Prevent Hiv?

The anti-HIV drugs prevent in PrEP help to stop the virus from replicating in your body. If a person is exposed to HIV but has taken PrEP correctly, their body will be at negligible risk of getting HIV.  In order to understand how effective PrEP is, you should know that if used consistently and incorrect dosage, PrEP can eliminate the risk of a person becoming infected with HIV. PrEP is not recommended for everyone and is useful for those people who are HIV negative and at a greater risk of HIV infection due to their lifestyle and sexual life.

For Who Is Prep an Option?

PrEp is an option for those individuals who fall under any of the categories mentioned below. Who should take PrEP is an important question, and we are here to answer it for you. You can opt for it if-

You are in a sexual relationship with a person who has HIV or whose HIV is not controlled well.

You are a bisexual individual having multiple sexual relationships, where you do not any protection.

You do not use condoms or any protection with your partner of the opposite whose HIV status is not known to you, and who may be at a risk of HIV infection. This may be due to the usage of intravenous drugs or having multiple sexual partners.

Facts to Know About Prep

PrEP is for those people who are at a high risk of infection

Doctors and specialists recommended PrEP for all those people who are at risk of infection. This could be those individuals having multiple sexual partners or those with an HIV-positive partner. The PrEP made of treatment is also users who are involved in the use of intravenous drugs by sharing needles.

PrEP should not be considered a substitute for safe sex

PrEP reduces the risk of an HIV infection through sex by almost 90 percent if taken regularly. However, people still need to practice safer sex by the use of the condom, since PrEP works only against HIV infection. Many people ask how to do PrEP work and the simplest answer we give is that it reduces the establishment of infection by HIV. It also makes clear that it is specific only for HIV and cannot prevent other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C syphilis, and Gonorrhea among several others.

PrEP needs routine supervision

Before PrEP pills can be prescribed, doctors confirm whether the patient is HIV negative or not by some tests. The individual also needs to undergo some renal function and liver function tests. The renal function test ensures that the drug can be metabolized properly in the body. Once you have started taking PrEP, you need to visit your doctor at least every three months for continuous monitoring. You must consult specialists to understand how to take PrEP.

Manageable side-effects

The most common PrEP side effects are nausea, headache, and fatigue which can be managed well. When considering the long-term effects, the center for disease Control and Prevention says that no serious problems are usually detected in patients who are under PrEP for up to five years.

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