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Genric Tagrix 80 MG tablet – A right way to cure Lung Cancer!

Lung cancer is no doubt a chronic disease that can grow faster with the growing abnormal cells. It is a bad disease that one can die at any point in time. One of the major reasons for its spread is Smoking. The lungs are spongy organs that are located in the chest. With the help […]
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5 Tips If You’ve Completely Lost Your Appetite During Cancer Treatment

Despite the advancement in cancer treatments in the medical world, their side effects affect our health. In almost all cases, a patient loses his/her appetite which might result in bigger issues. The treatment weakens the physiological system and a patient will seriously need proper food to survive the process. The common side effects of cancer […]
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Debunking 13 Common Cancer Myths

Cancer is a deadly disease surrounded by a lot of myths. Many people have the wrong conception about cancer and tend to believe it wholeheartedly. If you search ‘cancer’ on the internet, you will find a lot of misleading information. Only people with good scientific knowledge can find out the difference but most of them […]
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