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5 Tips If You’ve Completely Lost Your Appetite During Cancer Treatment

Despite the advancement in cancer treatments in the medical world, their side effects affect our health. In almost all cases, a patient loses his/her appetite which might result in bigger issues. The treatment weakens the physiological system and a patient will seriously need proper food to survive the process. The common side effects of cancer […]
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Ricovir EM- Right drug to fight against HIV Infections!

We all should be aware of the fact that HIV is spreading at a great high in distinctive groups that are known as clades. Different Viruses like HIV spread differently depending upon Clades. The classification of this infected virus is divided into various groups depending upon the clinical stages. When HIV is at stage A, […]
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Generic Blood Cancer Drugs

Generic Medicines a Game-Changing Treatment for Blood Cancer

What Is Blood Cancer or Leukemia? Leukemia is cancer that forms in blood-forming tissues, including bone marrow.  There are many types of leukemia and require medical diagnosis by a medical professional. It is treatable but lab tests or imaging is always required to find out what kind of Leukemia it is. Game-Changing Technology For many […]
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